Illegal instructions for 68000 generated with gcc -qrtems -m68000

Richard Pack
Wed Oct 20 09:54:00 GMT 1999

I have been using gcc  linux pc (host) -> m68k (target) cross compiler
to compile a simple ADA program to run with the RTEMS operating system
on a 68000 based SBC. I have the above options to gcc in my Makefile but

the compiler produces extb  instructions (op code 0x49XX) which are
illegal for the 68000 (valid for 68020 etc) is there a switch to prevent

this? Looking at the help file I can't see anything appropriate.Using
68000 code two ext would be required  to take a byte to a long. I would
have assumed the -m68000 would do it.
Thanks for anticipated help,

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