Compiling GCC 2.95.1 for ARM7 Cross Compiler

Geir Harris Hedemark
Wed Oct 6 22:37:00 GMT 1999 writes:
> arm-unknown-coff target
> ./ /portal/apps3/gnu_compiler/build/arm-coff/sys-include: does
> Can you help me resolve this?

You will need to say

mkdir /portal/apps3/gnu_compiler/build/arm-coff/sys-include

to resolve the error you have already gotten yourself into, and

mkdir /portal/apps3/gnu_compiler/build/arm-coff/include
touch /portal/apps3/gnu_compiler/build/arm-coff/include/unistd.h

to resolve the one you will run into next.

I sent this description to the CrossGCC faq maintainer yesterday.


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