CrossGCC: linux->mingw and linux->cygwin

Brendan Simon
Thu Nov 11 14:36:00 GMT 1999

Go to Mumit Khan's GnuWin32 web site and follow his CrossCompiler HOWTO
(item 10).
The HOWTO I had was for egcs-1.1.1 but you can just substitute the latest
GCC source (gcc-2.95.2).

10.Build cross compiler for Cygwin/Mingw
       Instructions on how to build cross and Canadian-cross development
tools for Cygwin and Mingw32. Wed Feb 17 23:26:05 CST 1999
              Cygwin b20.x

Brendan Simon

Schober Stefan wrote:

> Hi Simon,
> would you please be so kind as to tell me, what's necessary to
> successfully build a Linux -> Cygwin X-Compiler using GCC (2.95)?
> thanks a lot
>         stefan
> P.S. sorry for the inconvenience - this is my account at work and here
> we have to use MS Outlook :-(
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>         Subject:        CrossGCC: linux->mingw and linux->cygwin
>         I have built a linux->cygwin cross-compiler sometime ago using
>         egcs-1.1.2 sources.  I am planning to upgrade to gcc-2.95.2 soon
> and
>         want to be able to create Mingw and Cygwin binaries using my
> Linux box.
>         Since Cygwin can generate Mingw executables using the
> -mno-cygwin
>         option, I was wondering if it is possible to generate Mingw
> executables
>         with the -mno-cygwin option when using the Linux->cygwin
>         cross-compiler.  This would allow me to build ONE cross-compiler
>         (Linux->Cygwin) instead of having to build to seperate
> cross-compilers
>         (Linux->Cygwin and Linux->Mingw).
>         Does anyone know if this is possible ???
>         Thanks,
>         Brendan Simon.
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