ICD BDM, gdb, and error 613 on 68331

Aaron J. Grier aaron@frye.com
Thu Nov 11 13:05:00 GMT 1999

Having spent two weeks struggling with a badly wired BDM interface, my
company finally sprang for a couple official motorola-blessed ICD BDM
interfaces.  The DOS software works fine.  I was able to find
linux-specific device driver and patches to gdb 4.18 at
http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~pisa/m683xx/bdm_driver.html for the ICD
interface, but it doesn't work quite right:

(gdb) bdm_reset
(gdb) x 0
0x0:    0xffffffff
[ so far, so good.  Let's start poking at the SIM: ]
(gdb) set *(short *)0xfffa00 = 0x62ff
Error accessing memory address 0xfffa00: Unknown error 613.
[ here's where all hell breaks loose... ]
(gdb) x 0
0x0:    Error accessing memory address 0x0: Unknown error 613.
[ and here every memory access is wedged with the same error until the
  next bdm_reset ]

I can run the DOS P&E ICD32 program (as shipped with the ICD BDM
interface) under dosemu and everything works as expected.  Until the SIM
is configured under ICD32, I get the message "BERR Terminated bus
cycle - Debugger Supplied DSACK" but I can still program the SIM and do
things like initializing my chip selects, and get on with running
actual code.  I can even initialize chip selects under ICD32, and then
load and run under gdb under linux, but this is a real pain in the ass.

Before I smack myself against the wall of code that is the gdb BDM
backend, is anybody else using the ICD BDM interface with BDM under
linux?  (What patches are you using?)  Is anybody else having the same
problems?  Has anybody solved these problems?  (how?)  Cygnus -- can you
sell me a solution?  (how much will it cost?)

  Aaron J. Grier   |   Frye Electronics, Tigard, OR   |   aaron@frye.com
  "The simplistic anthropomorphism which asserts that source code has a
   life separate from its creator or maintainer is the product of one
   too many viewings of Tron."  -- paraphrasing of anonymous post on /.

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