use of fork,pipe and kill in collect2 of cross gcc

M. R. Brown
Mon Nov 8 10:02:00 GMT 1999

I was responding to the question of the _mingw32_ target, which doesn't
support fork, etc.  The question I asked was also in reference to the
_mingw32_ target, sorry for any misunderstanding.  I only "suggested" it
because right now the only way to build a native mingw32 gcc is to
remove the collect2 target.  If you have another way, enlighten me :)
This has come up before...


On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Jeffrey A Law wrote:

> Yes it will break things..   It's there for a reason.  In particular removing
> it is likely to break exception handling, and ctors/dtors on some targets.
> Please don't ever suggest removing something when you do not understand wha
> its purpose is.
> jeff

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