Automated Testing

Robert J. Brown
Wed Mar 24 15:18:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Larmour <> writes:

    Jonathan> "Robert J. Brown" wrote:
    >>  [automated software testing]
    >> I have yet to see this happen anywhere outside the free
    >> software community, especially at Cygnus Solutions.

    Jonathan> I have to confess I read this with some surprise!
    Jonathan> So I would be interested to know how you got this
    Jonathan> impression. I agree that people should be cautious with
    Jonathan> software that does not have automated testing - ad hoc
    Jonathan> testing could never cover as much ground; but that isn't
    Jonathan> the case for GNU and Cygnus products. You can reply off
    Jonathan> the list if you like.

It was too late at night when I wrote this, and I now see how you
could interpret it exactly opposite of the way I intended it!  What I
was trying to say is that other than the free software community, and
especially other than Cygnus, I see very little in the proper
application of automatic testing of software.

You guys *WROTE* dejagnu!  You set the pace!  I meant this to show the 
great example you are setting for the commercial software world.  

Sorry for the backwards way I said it.  :-)

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