GDB build (Fixed)

Paul Breed
Wed Mar 24 14:33:00 GMT 1999

I recieved a response from Ian Gilmour, that was a copy from David Fiddes....

It fixed my problem.

The Solution... as quoted and quoted and quoted....

>> I saw the new release of GDB-4.17 this morning and had got as far
>> as hitting a configure error using,
>> 	configure --target=m68k-coff --host=i386-pc-cygwin32
>> (complained about unusable version of ld in path !).
>There's a bug in the gdb configure.... What I did was:
>a) make sure binary mounts were setup i.e. type "mount" and text=binary
>be displayed for the "drive" you're using.
>b) Expand a copy of binutils-2.9 and gdb-4.17 into somewhere
>c) Create symbolic links in the binutils dir for all the directories in
>gdb dir that are missing from binutils... i.e. gdb, config, etc but not
>opcodes, bfd, etc.
>d) Create a build directory.
>e) configure the tools using
>"/tools/bintuils-2.9/configure --target=m68k-coff --prefix=/gcc-m68k
>d) Build just gdb by doing "make all-gdb" and then "make install-gdb"
>should work...

It worked for Me, Thanks Ian and Dave.


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