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>>>>> "Sam" == mullintech  <> writes:

    Sam> I started a small automated testing consulting company about
    Sam> 2 years ago and am looking to expand this area. I feel that
    Sam> software testing is becoming more visible and it is becoming
    Sam> more of a need.

    Sam> To start this discussion, I was wondering what all of your
    Sam> thoughts were on this.

I agree that it is badly needed, but my experience has been that
nobody wants to pay the price at the start of a project to design with 
test in mind, and nobody wants to pay the price at the end of the
development cycle to ram testing into the game plan now that they
understand the need.

The really frustrating part is that when they start the next project,
they will make exactly the same mistake again.  :-(

The only solution seems to be to sell top management on requiring
testing as part of any project plan, and have an SQA group that is not 
just lip service from people who are not skilled enough to write
software themselves, but are experienced professionals who truly
understand what make quality software, including testing.

I have yet to see this happen anywhere outside the free software
community, especially at Cygnus Solutions.

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