problems with MIPS cross compiler

Ken Greenberg
Wed Mar 17 17:33:00 GMT 1999

On 17 Mar 99 at 17:25, JOEL Coltoff wrote:

> Hello and help. I needed to rebuild our cross compiler for the MIPS
> processors and it is giving me some minor problems. I'm not sure what
> our old version was and at this point it is too late to find out. The
> new version is built from binutils version 2.9.1 and gcc version 2.8.1.
> The build and install were completely trouble free. My target is
> mips64orion-unknown-elf. The problem I am having is in the linking
> phase. I'm getting ISA mismatches between the code I compile and my
> libraries.

Well, it's good to know I'm not the only person having trouble with 
this. Someone "helpfully" added a mis-feature to the linker for MIPS 
that says the architectures have to match - mips1 and mips2 can be 
linked together, and mips3 and mips4, but not other combinations. 
This is IMHO complete nonsense in an architecture where the 
binary code is upwards compatible. I'm not sure exactly when this got 
added, but it was somewhere in between 2.6 (my old version, where it 
did not complain) and 2.9.1, which I use now. Luckily I still have 
the old ld program around, and I use it whenever I have to explicitly 
mix architectures.

I certainly have no problem with warning about such a mismatch, but 
there's a big difference between a warning and an error that halts 
the link process.

You might try to modify the file elf32-mips.c where the error is 
emitted at line 2054 (this is in bfd). Try commenting out the line 
"ok = false;" which should have the effect of it just being a 
warning. I haven't tried this yet, but would really like to know if 
it works for you.

-Ken, still feeling bitchy about this one.

Kenneth F. Greenberg, President
California Advanced Software Tools, Inc.
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