PPC 750 support?

Johannes Reisinger hannes@linus.priv.at
Sun Mar 14 09:15:00 GMT 1999

We are using the egcs-1.1 (and previously gcc-2.7.2) to generate code
for both the 603e and the 740 (which is identical to the 750 except the
missing Level-2 Cache interface) without any processor-model specific
problems for more than one year. In fact, both our hardware (except
the CPU-chip), our operating system and our application software are
completely identical for both chips (we had to change about 5 assembly
statements for handling the new bits in the hardware identification
registers when adding support for the 740; we don't even read the
processor version register).

Johannes Reisinger / Vienna / AUSTRIA         e-mail: hannes@linus.priv.at

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Matthew Majka wrote:

> All,
> Forgive my ignorance on the details of the various PowerPC models.  We are
> planning on developing software for both a 603e and a 750.  I have found
> specific documentation in GCC-2.8.1 on support for the 403, 505, 6xx, and 8xx. 
> I am wondering if someone can simply confirm that I won't have any problem
> generating code works with the PPC750.

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