PPC 750 support?

Robert J. Brown rj@eli.elilabs.com
Fri Mar 12 05:04:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Majka <mmajka@cs5.dasd.honeywell.com> writes:

    Matthew> All, Forgive my ignorance on the details of the various
    Matthew> PowerPC models.  We are planning on developing software
    Matthew> for both a 603e and a 750.  I have found specific
    Matthew> documentation in GCC-2.8.1 on support for the 403, 505,
    Matthew> 6xx, and 8xx.  I am wondering if someone can simply
    Matthew> confirm that I won't have any problem generating code
    Matthew> works with the PPC750.

It is my understanding (from talking to people at the Cygnus booth at
the recent Chicago Embedded Systems Conference) that the 750 is being
worked on by Cygnus now, so it all depends on how soon you will need
750 support.

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