H8/300 Development (Sorry if it is a little out of line)

Zeki Basbuyuk zeki@silcom.com
Tue Mar 2 23:26:00 GMT 1999

I apologize first by posting questions here not directly related to
I am about to become a newbie in the GCC world. I was looking for an
embedded	 processor and stumbled on H8/300 series 3437 processor. Here is
the list of my questions.
1) Is there anybody out there is using this processor?
2) Is it available? (We have had some bad experiences with some motorola
3) If it is is the basic development system sufficient to do some real work
4) Is it necessary to buy their compiler ? Is it worth it ? (On one of the
Hitachi online seminars, they claimed that GCC does not generate as
efficient code as their compiler.)
5) I really like to GCC compiler and cross compilation approach, but is
there a place where I can get the windows95/98, or dos cross-compiler
without setting up a unix box ?

If you want to send me a message directly please use one of the following
email addresses.


Again, I apologize if it is not appropriate and thank you for your time.

Zeki Basbuyuk
Design Engineer

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