compiler and debugger support for ppc750

Robert J. Brown
Tue Mar 2 20:36:00 GMT 1999

I am starting a project using a ppc750 cpu, and I was wondering what
the status of cross-egcs and cross-gdb support was for this chip.  I
have the option of using either an Intel Pentuim running NT or a HP
PPA running HPUX to host the compiler.  Linux might also be an option, 
but due to the current setup, it would be a bigger hassle to set up.

1. Is the ppc750 currently a supported target.

2. Are there any special considerations regarding building or using a
   cross-egcs compiler to support the ppc-750 on either the NT or HPUX

3. Is cross-gdb currently supported for this target?

4. What JTAG, BDM, or Wiggler support is available, and for what host

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