Math functions for H8/300, % operator

Hansjuergen Dreuth
Wed Jun 23 12:18:00 GMT 1999

most probably I can live with only float precision on the H8/300H. 
Thanks for the quick response.
Bob Paddock mentioned problems with the % operator. I quickly 
tried the following code piece and found everythink ok (integer i;):

/* check of the % operator */
 for(i=1; i<15; i++) {
  j =  29 % i;
 for(i=1; i<15; i++) {
  j =  30 % i;
 for(i=1; i<15; i++) {
  j =  31 % i;

So at least for these numbers % was allright. I am interested in  
mathematical functions working correctly. So if there are problems,  
please let me know.


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