ARM's cross-compiler

Kai Ruottu
Wed Jun 23 05:04:00 GMT 1999

MZLAI wrote:

> I am doing my work of building the cross-compiler of the ARM.
> I got a problem that is : I don't know what the two files' usage are.
> The files are "libgcc1.c" and "libgcc2.c".
> When I used the "make all" command in the directory "gcc-2.8.1"
> a error was evoked and it was concerned with these two files.

 It would help if you told what the error message said...

 Anyway the ARM-target is evolving rapidly and I would use the egcs-1.1.2 
and/or the gcc-2.95 prerelease sources instead. There were some pre-built
arm-elf target toolsets available for Solaris2 and Win32 hosts, if that was
your target (from autumn-98) :

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On Mon, 24 May 1999 10:30:45 +0100, Edward Nevill <> wrote:

>Andreas Knoepfle wrote:
>> has anybody got an idea how to generate an ELF or DWARF2 object file with the
>> GNU binary utilies for the ARM architecture or any additional utilitie?
>A version of the GNU tools which generates ELF/DWARF2 is available at
>(It may take a while to connect so please be patient)
>Prebuilt binaries are available for 95/NT and Solaris 2.5. The sources are also
>available should you need to build your own.
>This is a beta release and there are a number of known bugs. These are
>described in the file "ReleaseNotes".
>I have in the past tried to load an image generated using these tools using the
>ARM tools. Loading an ELF file was successful but the debugger choked when
>loading an image with debug tables. This may have been because I was not using
>the -gdwarf-2 flag.
>Also, I believe the version of tools from Windriver differs slightly in the
>code it generates. I believe the Windriver version has some additions to handle
>re-entrant code in VxWorks.
>Good luck,
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>  Yours   MZLAI
>  Jan 22 ,1999

 Email seems to become slower and slower ;-)

 Cheers, Kai
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