¦^«H¡GARM's cross-compiler

potatooo@sunplus.com.tw potatooo@sunplus.com.tw
Tue Jun 22 19:24:00 GMT 1999

> I am doing my work of building the cross-compiler of the ARM.
> I got a problem that is : I don't know what the two files' usage are.
> The files are "libgcc1.c" and "libgcc2.c".
> When I used the "make all" command in the directory "gcc-2.8.1"
> a error was evoked and it was concerned with these two files.

if you are using gcc-2.8.1 for arm-coff target (I assume),
you won't need libgcc1.c, there is a lib1funcs.asm for you.
Configure for the right target and it will include this file
during building the cross-compiler.

as for libgcc2.c, you would be able to compile the stuff after
successful compilation of libgcc1.a.

Besides, the two files provided gcc some basic functions that
target are not able to perform or functions perform certain
tasks of c-c++ compiler.  You can get rid of it by careful
programming if you cannot compile the libgcc.a successfully.


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