NT cross compiler for Linux

David J. Fiddes D.J@fiddes.surfaid.org
Sat Jun 19 16:29:00 GMT 1999


>  I remember Mumit writing that he builds his Cygwin/Mingw32 stuff
> under Linux,
> I build mine too, perhaps David Fiddes builds his 'm68k/Coldfire'
> toolsets
> under Linux too (he has Linux-hosted tools too). So I'm very
> curious about if
> someone really uses Cygwin to build Cygwin-hosted things (other
> than the Cygwin
> tools itself). Probably Cygnus-guys must do this because it is
> one way to find
> bugs in Cygwin.

I actually use Cygwin for building all my cross-compilers. I do have a
Linux->Cygwin setup and can do a Canadian Cross but I don't usually bother
because it's as much hassle rebooting into Linux as it is to just build the
tools in NT. If you know the correct recipie it's quite easy to build them.
My docs for ColdFire/m68k cross-compiler rebuilding can be found in the docs
section of http://www.users.surfaid.org/~fiddes/coldfire/ these should work
for most other types of Cygwin hosted cross-compiler.

I also regularly use Cygwin for building RTEMS which works very well if a
little slow compared to Linux. Useful stuff like DDD, lesstif, etc can also
be built under Cygwin with little difficulty.


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