BDM support in gdb

Scott Howard
Sun Jun 13 11:32:00 GMT 1999

Pollak Leon wrote:
> At 09:39 06/05/99 -0700, S.Howard wrote:
> >Our next release of the compiler/debugger/newlib will include BDM
> >support for CPU32, MPC5xx and MPC8xx targets.  Using this interface, gdb
> >reports download speeds of about 110K bits per second on a Pentium host.
> >Should be out around the end of the month.
> >Scott
>         Dear Scott,
>                 Are there any news about this? Just today, rereading this your message I
> noticed that I didn't ask you about the host OS. Did you mean something
> different from Cygwin?
>         Thanks ahead for reply.
> Leon Pollak


unfortunately our current project has taken longer than I expected, so
we haven't been able to finish off the release of the BDM drivers, EGCS
1.1.2, etc etc. Should be pretty soon however, some time in the next 2-3

Our port is hosted on DJGPP for DOS/Win 3.1 (also runs fine under
Win95). The next release will also be available hosted on mingw32 for
Win95 and Win NT.

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