IDE-Harddiskdriver for MCUs
Mon Jun 7 09:22:00 GMT 1999

On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Robert J. Brown wrote:

> I implemented a diskless filesystem last year for a project for a
> client.  I did not have to write persistent data to the filesystem --
> only temporary data.  I also had the ability to pre-load constant
> files at system build time.  The application was an embedded webserver 
> with CGI capability.  We talked about adding tha ability to write
> flash at runtime, but there are timing issues and interrupt latency
> problems when you do that, and we might have missed an interrupt her
> or there.  :-(

One of the RTEMS uses has used the TFTP client filesystem to download a
tar image of the initial filesystem contents for his RTEMS based web
server. :)

Your setup sounds very similar to the RTEMS In-Memory File System (IMFS).
Our functionality goal for the IMFS may have been a bit higher though
since one of its primary purposes was to fully exercise the filesystem
infrastructure and POSIX 1003.1b functionality.  So it supports regular
files, device files, directories (readdir family), symbolic links,
permissions, etc..  We needed a filesystem that was easy to test the
entire set of system calls with and IMFS was the result.

The other filesystem at this point is a TFTP client where
/MNT_POINT/TFTP_SERVER/PATH_ON_TFTP_SERVER is the style of the names in
that filesystem namespace. 

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