IDE-Harddiskdriver for MCUs

Robert J. Brown
Fri Jun 4 20:38:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Kai" == Kai Schaeffer <> writes:

    Kai> So the question is, if it is possible to adapt the
    Kai> Linux-drivers to use them in an embedded application. I am
    Kai> sure it is very usefull for many people to have a real
    Kai> harddisk/filesystem in there embedded systems. So the first
    Kai> question is, if there is already a solution for this
    Kai> problem?! If not, the other questions are:

    Kai> 1. Are there other persons who thinks it is interesting and
    Kai> usefull?  2. Are there other persons who can help to realize
    Kai> this idea?

I implemented a diskless filesystem last year for a project for a
client.  I did not have to write persistent data to the filesystem --
only temporary data.  I also had the ability to pre-load constant
files at system build time.  The application was an embedded webserver 
with CGI capability.  We talked about adding tha ability to write
flash at runtime, but there are timing issues and interrupt latency
problems when you do that, and we might have missed an interrupt her
or there.  :-(

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