crossgcc forwarding loop

Jonathan Larmour
Fri Jun 4 11:34:00 GMT 1999

There seems to be a bit of an echo in here, or more relevantly, there is a
forwarding loop somewhere. From the headers, the suspicious part is:

Received: from [] by (NTMail
4.30.0010/NT5390.00.3c1aa5d2) with ESMTP id rubaaaaa for
<>; Thu, 3 Jun 1999 23:00:38 +0100
Received: from by mailstore for id
928444357:20:24583:15; Thu, 03 Jun 99 21:12:37 GMT

In other words, the address is silently returning the mail
back to the list. If Jon can read this, I recommend he do something quickly
and say he's fixed it :-), otherwise can Scott (or whoever) temporarily
disable his list membership please?


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