Mumit Khan
Mon Jul 26 14:32:00 GMT 1999

"Kai Ruottu" <> writes:
> Brendan Simon wrote:
> > I'm still not sure why the XXX_FOR_BUILD, YYY_FOR_HOST and ZZZ_FOR_TARGET
> > variables are necessary (are they NECESSARY ?).  I'm sure that configure wo
> uld
> > would have sorted all that out.
>  They are necessary only if one's toolnames (like mine)don't follow the 
> default '<target>-tool' naming convention, like 'powerpc-eabi-gcc'. Unix user
> s 
> prefer? shorter names like 'ppc-gcc' or 'gcc-ppc'... It's either using 
> those long names day after day, or renaming/symlinking them to shorter ones..

Or never use them at all. I don't know if I ever have to actually type
those long names since that's what configury tools and Makefiles and 
other build environments are all about. The only time I actually use the
long names is when I'm testing bug reports and need to compile one file.

> > It barfed some way down the track with the following error.
> > 
> > echo "/* This file is automatically generated */" >objc/runtime-info.h
> > ./cc1obj -print-objc-runtime-info tmp-runtime >>objc/runtime-info.h
> > /bin/sh: ./cc1obj: No such file or directory
> > 
> > It seems that cc1obj can not be found.  On closer inspection, the file crea
> ted
> > is ./cc1obj.exe and the Makefile is trying to execute ./cc1obj.  Is this a 
> bug
> > in the configure script or Makefile ?
>  Let's hope this bug has been corrected in gcc-2.95...

Yes, it has.

>  Anyway my fix would be that the input Objective-C part for Makefile would 
> have a definition for 'OBJC_FOR_TARGET' somewhere in the beginning:
>    OBJC_FOR_TARGET = `$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) -print-prog-name=cc1obj`

I fixed this for gcc-2.95 back in April. See:

   Linkname: (libobjc) config patch for canadian cross


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