Binutils2.7 as cross from Linux to m88k-dg

Mon Jul 26 04:50:00 GMT 1999

HI Friends !
I am trying to compile Binutils 2.7  for an m88k-dgux  machine so that
the ld supports ELF  format . I am making it as   cross option and
using  Linux as the  build machine.
I am able to build ld  with coff format using the options of
But  for  ELF  , I dont have a supporting  script in the ld emulparam
The  only  script in  ld/emulparams is which  ultimately
picks  up
the  file  m88kbcs.em   and   which  picks  up the BFD  file
coff-m88k.c .

For  getting the ld  to  give ELF  output , I do have   a file
elf32-m88k.c in bfd .
Apart fromthat there are no corresponding  files  in ld  in directories
emulparams   or  emultempl.I am using  gcc-    for  compilation.
Has  anyone  out  there  tried  this  out  on DG-UX .  I have version
5.4R3.10 .

Can someone  suggest  something ?

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