Brendan Simon brendan@dgs.monash.edu.au
Mon Jul 26 00:39:00 GMT 1999

"David A. Desrosiers" wrote:

>         I'm interested in your development here in the area. I've had
> trouble porting some of the egcs code over to the m68k-coff-palmos
> archictecture. Did you have to do some major surgery on the code? The
> compiler will "build" itself, but when trying to build the actual
> applications for the PalmOS, it barfs with lots of errors. I'll try again
> with the 1.1.2, 2.95, and 2.96-cvs code, and compare the differences.

What part are you interested in ?  The Linux->Cygwin cross-compiler,
Cygwin->m68k-coff-palmos cross-compiler or Linux->m68k-coff-pamos
cross-compiler ?  I am assuming the cygwin-m68k-coff-palmos cross-compiler.

Are you builing your cross-compiler on a machine running Linux or Cygwin ?
I am using Linux for all builds, Cygwin is just used for execution of the
final cross-compiler.

I have not modified any source code.  You should only do this if you are
sure there are bugs in the m68k-coff-palmos port and you are trying to fix

You say your applications barf with lots of errors.  Are these compile time
or link time errors.  If you send the errors to the list, someone might be
able to help you out.

Brendan Simon.

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