David A. Desrosiers
Sun Jul 25 22:47:00 GMT 1999

	I'm interested in your development here in the area. I've had
trouble porting some of the egcs code over to the m68k-coff-palmos
archictecture. Did you have to do some major surgery on the code? The
compiler will "build" itself, but when trying to build the actual
applications for the PalmOS, it barfs with lots of errors. I'll try again
with the 1.1.2, 2.95, and 2.96-cvs code, and compare the differences. 

	I'll follow your development closely... 

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Brendan Simon wrote:

> I've managed to compile egcs-1.1.2 as a Linux->Cygwin cross-compiler.
> It installs and builds executables ok, though I have not tested the
> executables on a Windows machine yet.

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