Building egcs-1.1.2-x-h8300

Michael K. Elwood
Tue Jul 13 17:54:00 GMT 1999

Every few months, (when I have forgotten the pain) I try to build this
compiler for one host or another, and it never builds out of the box. <Sigh>
Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

I am building the egcs 1.1.2/binutils 2.9.1/newlib 1.8.1 toolchain on a
Mandrake Linux 6.0 box. The native linux compiler is pgcc-2.91.66. The
configuration is for linux host and H8/300 target. I am following the HOWTO
on Randy Loomis' site at

Binutils built and installed without a hitch.

EGCS 1.1.2, however, is croaking:

1) When make attempts to build c-lex.c, the compiler gags on HANDLE_PRAGMA.
Apparently, the form of this macro has changed at some point (I couldn't
find exactly where in the ChangeLog), and it now takes 3 arguments. The
definition in config/h8300/h8300.h takes 2 arguments. I hacked h8300.h to
ignore the third argument (not the ideal solution but it will have to do for

2) When the build gets to libgcc, it complains about a bunch of "not i386
instruction"s. Why is the new xgcc, used to build libgcc, calling the native
i386 assembler?

Any help would be appreciated. Mr. Loomis, I bet you have already build this
toolchain. Didn't you see these problems?

Best regards,


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