libiberty and m68k-coff?

Aaron J. Grier
Tue Jul 13 16:30:00 GMT 1999

On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 04:20:12PM -0400, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> -fpic doesn't work for m68k-coff.

is this a GCC-specific thing, or does coff not do pic code as a general

if the latter, it would sure explain quite a few things.

> @GOTPC is an ELF thing used for m68k PIC.  It appears that when you
> use -fpic, gcc appends @GOTPC in the hopes that you are doing ELF
> rather than, say, COFF.

I'm trying to move a bunch of code [1] from the Sierra [2] compiler
running under DOS to the GNU toolchain.  The Sierra tools generate
assembly code which makes global variable references against register
a5, all the assembly is written with this in mind, and aside from going
through all the assembly and taking out a5 references [3], I'm looking
for better ways of moving the code over. [4]

I really don't need PIC code, as I'm running on an embedded system.  The
original reason (so I've been told) for doing a5-relative stuff was
because PIC was needed for a monitor which never got written.  (Is PIC a
necessity for BDM?)

Perhaps I should just try moving things over to ELF?

[1] ~44k lines of assembly, ~20k lines of C
[2] originally under Xenix...
[3] the fellow I'm working with on this project tried doing that a while
    back, and failed.
[4] I'm still having to go through a heck of a lot of assembly code
    by hand due to the strange sierra assembly preprocessor, and perhaps
    going through and scrubbing the a5 references from the assembly
    might be feasable.

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