underscore - coff vs. aout

David Querbach querbach@realtime.bc.ca
Mon Jul 12 15:31:00 GMT 1999

> I have a number of assembly files with symbols written with a underscore
> prepended so that they will link with .c files compiled for a.out format.
> I was thinking of changing to coff format, and I would like to know if
> there was a way to compile the .c files for coff so that they would still
> link correctly to the assembly files (that is, with prepended underscores).
> Changing every symbol would be a large undertaking, and I would like to
> avoid it if possible.
> Any suggestions?

Open up gcc.info and search for `underscore'.  You will find one section
showing how to give a C function an arbitrary name in the assembler code:

  extern void foo() asm("foobar");

  void foo()

creates a function which in the compiler's assembler output is called
`foobar', no matter what the particular compiler port's convention for
name-mangling happens to be.


David Querbach
Real-Time Systems Inc.

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