Problems with the compilation of gnu cross linker on DG-UX

Mon Jul 12 12:06:00 GMT 1999

Hi Friends !
I  am trying to build a gcc  compiler  along with  binutils 2.7
for  DG-UX running on m88k  platform.

I have been  able to compile  gcc as a cross  compiler  running  on
Linux   as  well as the cross linker  and  cross  assembler .
I do the right  output  after the assembler  ie the .o  file is  coming
out fine . I checked it  out  by  using the native  linker  on  DG  on
this  .o  file and got the  right  output.

The  problem with the  cross linker  is the  libraries  .
I have  copied  the required  libraries  from the area  /usr/lib  in the
target( DG) machine    to the    $(prefix)/$(TARGET)/lib  area  on the
host  machine  including the startup files.

This the error  I am  getting  on trying  to compile  a simple  program
hello.c  on the linux  mc  using this  cross  compiler .

________gave the command  ./gcc -v  t.c ________

Reading specs from
gcc version
 /home/mathu/new/lib/gcc-lib/m88k-dg-coff/ -lang-c -v -undef
-D__GNUC__=2 -D__GN
UC_MINOR__=7 -Dm88000 -Dm88k -D__m88000__ -D__m88k__ -D__m88000 -D__m88k
-Acpu(m88k) -Amach
ine(m88k) -D__m88100__ t.c /tmp/cca32394.i
GNU CPP version (88open OCS/BCS, $Revision: 1.67 $)
#include "..." search starts here:
#include <...> search starts here:
End of search list.
 /home/mathu/new/lib/gcc-lib/m88k-dg-coff/ /tmp/cca32394.i
-quiet -dumpbase t.c
-version -o /tmp/cca32394.s
GNU C version (88open OCS/BCS, $Revision: 1.67 $) compiled by
GNU C version

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