GNU toolchain working in other directories ?

Franklin Hooker - Lexra, Inc.
Fri Jul 9 09:07:00 GMT 1999

>> >   > Is it possible to make it work in any 
>> >   > directory with just changing some environment variables ?
>> >   > Thanks
>> For those who use this technique.  How do you avoid conflict
>> with any number of GNU compilers that you might also use
>> in the same environment?  i.e. The native GNU C compiler will
>> also use this environment variable.
> How can there be conflicts? The native GCC/G++-drivers are named as 'gcc/g++',
>the cross-tools as '<target>-gcc/<target>-g++' (or something else -- I use the
>names like 'gcc-m68k-coff'...), and the target binaries, libs and headers are 
>behind the '../../<target>' and '<target>' from GCC_EXEC_PREFIX... Handling the
>native host just as a one target more, will put it into the same hierarchy...

Conflicts arise when the various GNU distributions are installed into
DIFFERENT hierarchies.  Thus their GCC_EXEC_PREFIX settings must be

> I have repeated the advice to use the option '-print-search-dirs' in 
>' etc., to see the search paths for a GCC, but still the option is 
>mostly unknown to all GCC users... Perhaps all the list members should take 
>this as a 'mantra' and try to mention it everywhere... "How many times...the 
>answer is flying in the wind..."

Yes I know about the '-print-search-dirs' option.  That is exactly what I used
to confirm the conflict between the GCC_EXEC_PREFIX settings.


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