GNU toolchain working in other directories ?

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Jul 8 23:36:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > >   > Is it possible to make it work in any 
  > >   > directory with just changing some environment variables ?
  > >   > Thanks
  > For those who use this technique.  How do you avoid conflict
  > with any number of GNU compilers that you might also use
  > in the same environment?  i.e. The native GNU C compiler will
  > also use this environment variable.
Nothing good that I'm aware of.

One could make an alias for the various compilers which first sets a
suitable GCC_EXEC_PREFIX, calls the desired compiler, then unsets
GCC_EXEC_PREFIX or something like that.

Another approach is to use the -B argument to the compiler, which (effectively)
allows you to specify a prefix on the command line.

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