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Tue Jul 6 16:23:00 GMT 1999

Hi !
I am trying to compile  gcc with binutils 2.7 with  gdb 4.17
for DG-UX  5.4R3.10 on m88k  CPU.
Since the support for  this particular  version id not there either in
DG , I am trying to compile it as a cross compiler on the native machine
itself  for m88k-dg-coff.
I am able to compile  binutils this way .
Also  , I am able to compile gcc. As such am not getting any error in
the compilation of gcc.

But at the time of actual compiling of a test program, following errors
have been encountered:

I was using the /usr/lib  files and the other  startup files like
crt0.o, mcrt0.o  with the open BCS  format .

Now the problem is that I am able to use the compiler and assembler  but
at the time of linker  am getting problems .

Initially  started with crt0.o format not known , changed it to other
startup files there , could get past it . Now the problem is this that
its not able to find some files in libc.a .

Is the approach that I am using okay  or do I need to take some other
approach .
Has anyone been able to compile the above things on DG-UX  ( Data

Any  fast help would be really appreciated.
Vikram Mathu

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