General questions about installing Cross GCC

Tue Jul 6 13:27:00 GMT 1999


I have some general questions about installing Cross GCC. The target I have been building the development toolkit is for the ARM chip. The directory were I want all files to be installed into is /usr/local/ARM, so I have been using the "--prefix=/usr/local/ARM" for all tools when I have been configuring them. When I specify the target using the "./config.sub" program it will give me the following answer:

./config.sub arm-coff

./config.sub arm--coff

This will give me toolkit names like: arm-unknown-coff-as, arm-unknown-coff-gcc, arm-unknown-coff-ld, etc... or arm--coff-as, arm--coff-gcc, arm--coff-ld. However, the GNU Pro Toolkit precompiled binaries have names like: arm-coff-as, arm-coff-gcc, arm-coff-ld, etc... How have Cygnus configured them? Have the toolkit name been renamed after it has been installed? Can I rename the tools after installation? Will gcc find the correct tool if I rename them? (I have been using the "--with-gnu-ld" for the binutils-2.9.1 and "--with-gnu-as" and "--with-gnu-ld" for the gcc-2.8.1)

Why does binutils-2.9.1 and gcc-2.8.1 install two copies of "as" and "gcc" (with different names) in the following directories:



When should I use "/usr/local/ARM/bin/arm--coff-gcc", and when
should I use "/usr/local/ARM/arm--coff/bin/gcc"?

Why does the binutils-2.9.1 and gcc-2.8.1 make the extra directory "/usr/local/ARM/arm--coff" with my configuration?

One final question, when I installed newlib-1.8.1 it install all include files in:
/usr/local/ARM/arm--coff/include. But, what about the include directory
/usr/local/ARM/include? When is this directory used?

I hope some helpful soul could explain to me why the tools are named like this in my configuration and how the directories work.


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