gdb-4.17 building question.

Wojtek Zielinski
Fri Jul 2 17:33:00 GMT 1999


I am a newbie in crossgcc. My target is  683xx, I built gcc, newlib,
and gdb according to the FAQ. My host is PC, system is linux redhat 6.0
I have small problems while building gdb-4.17. First I patched it with
Configuring of bdm was ok. But during compiling, compiler couldn't find
file "termcap.h", called by gdb-4.17/readline/rldefs.h.
I found it in /usr/include/ncurses subdirectory and I linked it to
/usr/include dir. Is it right header?
Then compilation was succeed, but, of course, linking not. Linker
complained about libtermcap.
I couldn't find this lib in my system. But I did a trick, doing a link
to libncurses.a. after that,
linking process succeed.

I have 2 questions:
1) Am I right with these tricks?
2) Is it a problem with
- gdb makefile,
- ncurses installation procedure or
- lack of some packages in my system?

Thanks for help in advance


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