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Kai Ruottu karuottu@freenet.hut.fi
Fri Jan 29 13:08:00 GMT 1999

> Several months agot there was a discussion of and M68K-ELF in EGCS.
> Has this happened?

 I (re)built egcs-1.1.1 with all those m68k-code generation patches
to Jan. 24, 1999 added, for m68k-coff and m68k-elf. The GDB sources
have support for m68k-elf too, so building gdb-4.17 with the Linux-BDM
patches ( ftp://skatter.usask.ca/pub/eric/BDM-Linux-gdb ) for the m68k-elf
target too had any troubles (but I haven't had any possibility to test
> Also where can someone find a good reference to the format of COFF,stabs
> etc...

 The 'www.delorie.com' had a document about COFF...

 Somewhere in 'www.developer.intel.com' is the "Analysis Of Object File
Formats for Embedded Systems", June 1995, by Minda Zhang...

 PC Magazine, Feb.9,1993 started a three part article named "Exploring
Windows NT Executable Files", by Ray Duncan. As it should be well-known,
the 'i386pe' format is based on COFF... MS-site has the "The Portable 
Executable File Format from Top to Bottom", by Randy Kath...

 The 'www.sco.com/products/layered/devspecs' (or something like that) has the
SVR4.x manual set for x86/MIPS, describing the ELF binary format, DWARF
debugging format etc. quite thoroughly. The docs are in Acrobat PDF-format.
An alternative site is 'www.mipsabi.org' for the SVR4-docs...

 The ' ftp://cambridge.cygnus.com ' used to equivalent docs for WinNT/PPC (PE)
and Solaris2/PPC (ELF) - both nonexistent, and the PPC-EABI...
 The 'stabs' format should be documented in 'The "stabs" debug format'
by Julia Menapace, Jim Kingdon, David MacKenzie and Cygnus Support,
coming somewhere with the GNU sources as texinfo format (convertible
to almost everything -- I have it as a WinHelp-file).

 Cheers, Kai
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