Debugging code with no source files.

Brendan Simon
Thu Jan 21 22:25:00 GMT 1999

I'm trying to talk to a MPC860 board using a wiggler and gdb.  GDB
(ppc-gdb) was downloaded from  It is version 4.17 and is
compiled with DJGPPv2 (so I believe).

Will this work with Macraigor's wiggler ?  It is a DOS program so I
don't know if it will recognize the wigglers DLL file (or does the
DOS version drive the wiggler hardware directly ?).

I have a program in FLASH on the MPC860 board but I do not have the
source code.  Is it possible to step through the assembler code only.  I
assume so but I haven't been able to do it, but that might be because
the gdb I have can not drive the wiggler.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.
Where can I get a Win32 binary that will debug via a wiggler ?

Brendan Simon.

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