GCC 2.8.1 for powerpc-eabi "eabi.asm" question

Michael Meissner meissner@cygnus.com
Mon Jan 18 14:13:00 GMT 1999

r35383@email.sps.mot.com (Yaroslav Domaratski r35383) writes:

> But I have found that LIBGCC 1.8.0 "eabi.asm" file contains a bunch of
> functions (besides "__eabi", "__eabi_convert", "__eabi_uconvert") with
> names like "_savefpr_XX", "_savegpr_XX", "_restfpr_XX", "_restgpr_XX",
> "_restfpr_XX_x", "_restgpr_XX_x". As I realized from file comments this
> functions have to be called internally by GCC. Therefore I have the
> following questions:
> 1. In what cases this functions will be called?
> 2. Is it possible to avoid such function calls
>    in the generated code?

Right now, these functions are not called (they are part of the PowerPC V.4
spec).  At some point in the future they may be called (particularly for -Os).

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