Need help building a cross-compiler.

Brian Wagener
Thu Jan 14 14:48:00 GMT 1999

I am using RedHat linux 5.1 on a AMD K6-2 and am 
trying to build a C++ cross-compiler(target win32)  and native compiler out 
of egcs 1.1.1.  I have searched everywhere and can only find older 
information not relating to egcs 1.1.1.  My question is what exactly do I 
need(libraries, includes, etc.)  I have already downloaded binutils 2.9.1 
and the egcs 1.1.1 package.  I know that egcs comes with the c++ STL but do 
I still need some other packages(newLibs, etc.)  Also do I need some other 
library type stuff specifically for windows?  Please let me know if you can 
help me.
**** Brian Wagener --

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