egcs-1.1, m68k: bug in volatile pointer ref

Quality Quorum
Mon Jan 11 18:57:00 GMT 1999

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Mark Powell wrote:

> For info, this is a copy of a bug report I submitted to egcs-bugs.
> It is very significant for embedded systems.
> ----
> The following bug was observed in egcs-1.1b and egcs-1.1.1 configured
> for m68k-coff.
> Assignment operations through a pointer variable declared volatile
> produce multiple accesses. This can cause incorrect behaviour when the
> destination of the write is a register in a peripheral device and the
> device expects a series of values to be written to the same address.
> The bug is triggered when compiling with no optimisation. Optimisation
> levels of -O1 and above do not exhibit the bug.

I had observed same bug in egcs-1.1b for arm-aout. Should I submit
separate bug report ?

> Mark Powell, Senior Software Engineer, Primagraphics Limited



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