Crosscompiling native compiler

Frank Meurer
Fri Dec 31 11:36:00 GMT 1999


I'm new to this list.
I had successfully set up a cross-compiler i386->m68k, but now I have a
problem I didn't find anything about in the (to me known) docs.

I want to cross-compile a native compiler (is "cross-compiling" still the
right term?):

build:  i386-unknown-linux
host:   m68k-unknown-linux
target: m68k-unknown-linux

It's the old gcc because the target is a small system and the gcc should
compile 2.0.x kernels without patches.
The only needed language is "C".

"Configure" runs ok saying "Links are now set up to build a native
compiler for m68k-unknown-linux", but "make" stops early with "File format
not recognized" (object file was compiled as "ELF Motorola 68000").

My questions are:
Where is the "M" for RTFM? :-)
Er... where are the docs?
Which binutils-package is recommended?


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