Accessing Wiggler from Linux GDB

David Williams
Wed Dec 22 13:03:00 GMT 1999

All sources and binaries have been removed from Object Software. I am not 
aware of anyone else providing precompiled versions of PowerPC GCC. I 
believe Scott has sold his tools to a commercial tools vendor - <:-(


> > I have used the gdb from Object Softwares web site which has support 
for the
> > wiggler.  I think it was compiled with the mingw compiler.  I also have 
> > Insight (once known as tkgdb) for the Cygwin environment and I'm pretty 
sure that
> > it talked to the wiggler OK.
> I could not find any GDB-related links on . Could you
> tell me where/how you downloaded the ObjSW version of gdb.

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