some problem about cross C language from Linux to PC win98

Haifeng Lin ~!~
Tue Dec 21 02:14:00 GMT 1999


I found your address from your homepage. Sorry about it.
Do you mind some question about cross C language from Linux to PC win98?

I am using Dev-C++ 3.0 to run C language from my PC.
I have win98 and Dev-C++3.0 for my PC.

Now, I have some old C programming(include some header files: some is
standard system's and others were done by myself.) in Linux system and I
could run them in linux system. 
I mean  how to run some C programming (it was in Linux system) in PC

How can I exchange their header files from Linux to
Dev-C++3.0 in PC. I think it is difference linux and PC's C language
header files name, direct...

My Win98 PC may find my Linux root direct and all of files.
If I just change C language's include and bin header files direct to

Looking forward to hearing that from you soon, Hope you can help

Merry christmas and happy new year!
Haifeng Lin:))


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