Object equivalence using gcc on different hosts ??

Schnell Daniel Daniel.Schnell.GP@icn.siemens.de
Mon Dec 13 06:02:00 GMT 1999

Hi everybody,

I've got a question concerning gcc as a cross-compiler for the same
TARGET platform but compiling on different HOST-platforms. (2 gcc's !)

In this special case the first platform is a NT- Host and the second is
a SOLARIS-Host. One can assume that the system headers are
equivalent for both host platforms (but maybe CR <--> CR/LF difference).

If the version of gcc is the same on both host platforms,
does it produce the same output (binary-equivalent) on
different host platforms if you always use the same source and
header files and do NOT turn on debugging informations ??

- a.) If not, where and what are the differences ??

If you turn on debugging information with '-g', the output will be
different because of different source file paths. That's clear.

- a.) what is the result when debugging a target image with a different
host environment than the one compiled ??

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Schnell.

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