Missing headers when building mingw32 cross compiler

Jose Fonseca em96115@fe.up.pt
Thu Dec 9 06:44:00 GMT 1999

I'm trying to build a mingw32 gcc-95.2 cross compiler but it fails when
making with a temporary cross compiler the liberty lib (the one on the
i386-mingw32 directory) replying that it can't find serveral C standard
I've readed carefully the Mumit Khan's cross-mingw32-howto and maked
sure that the right runtime header&libs are on the prefix dir.
The more strange is that I've already builded the gcc-95 version once but
it alse went bad with this same problem after some builds.
Does anyone knows what I'm doing wrong? If not, how can I access the flags
of the intermediary compiler xgcc forcing it to include the standard
headers directory?

	Jose Fonseca

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