Cross-gcc for SCO on Linux

Kai Ruottu
Wed Dec 1 02:05:00 GMT 1999

Giovanni Caterina wrote:
> Hello,
> Has someone succeeded in building a cross-compiler for a i386-sco5.0
> target on a linux host ?
> If yes, can you explain me the steps to follow because I can't make
> it work (I can however make it work fine for targets mingw32 and ppc-
> ibm-aix4.2 !).

 GCC shouldn't have any (or much) troubles. But binutils may be tough,
before one sees that the 'i386-sco3.2v5' may just be a 
'i386-sysv4' + 'i386-sco3.2' system, supporting both elf_i386 and i386coff.

So try to configure the binutils for
  --target=i386-sysv4.2 --enable-targets=i386-sco3.2
build and install the binutils into somewhere like
The 'sysv4.2' may help one to remember that they may be used with UW
too... And with Linux-elf, FreeBSD-elf, etc. too.

Install the SCO OSR5 libs and headers into the same hierarchy, i.e.
Then configure and build GCC for

Should work somehow...

 I did this some months ago and tested the toolset by building a
i386-sco3.2v5-x-i386-mingw32 cross-compiler under Linux. No problems
with the SCO (5.0.2) headers or libs with the 'elf+coff' binutils.
Unfortunately I haven't had any real OSR5 system installed for testing,
but the SCO binaries run just fine under Linux-ibcs2, needing only the
'/usr/bin/' and '/usr/lib/' shared libs (these are
just symbolic links to the real ones in '/usr/local/i386-sco3.2v5/lib')

Cheers, Kai

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