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Sun Sep 27 15:05:00 GMT 1998

You mean for gcc-  Yes, I have them on my web page (with the 
author's permission).  Look at

(Note there's a typo in the page: m69k should obviously be m68k; gotta 
fix that some day.)  Some of the patch has to do with adding a -mcpu32 
switch, which is apparently already in egcs.

I don't have the headers for egcs publicly available; the development 
team has agreed to put in the gcc- patch, and they'll probably do 
a better job than I did upgrading it to egcs.

>> Then, when it got to libf2c (which I don't even want, but can't
>>figure out how to get rid of), it decided that it needed crt0.o.
> This is the last job to do when building egcs-1.1a...
> When the job is over and everything you need is ready, why to worry
> about things you don't even need?

I hate to have installations die in the middle, since I'm never sure how 
much more they have to do.  Since I'd never gotten through a complete 
build, I didn't know if it was the last thing.

> Your real problems lay in how well you managed to fix the
> 'gcc/config/m68k' config files... 

It appeared that the gcc- patch was mostly some modifications to 
gcc/config/m68k/coff.h.  Using it as a guide, I made essentially the 
same mods to the egcs coff.h (although there were a few differences, 

> It could be useful to compare our 'fixed' config files for

Feel free to look at the links above.  Like I said, I didn't write them 
John A. Breen

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