GAS directives

Doug Evans
Wed Sep 23 08:23:00 GMT 1998

   Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 17:55:20 -0700
   From: Dony <>

   Hii all,
   Does anybody know what is the directives syntax in GAS to :
   * define storage (reserve a block of memory)
     (most of assembler use DS)
   * define constant block (allocate a block of data)
     (most of assembler use DCB)
   * define constant value (allocate a data)
     (most of assembler use DC)

... all explained in the GAS manual ...
Look in the section on pseudo-ops.

info -f -n 'Pseudo Ops'

[or grep for "Pseudo Ops" in binutils-2.9.1/gas/doc/as.texinfo]

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