GDB and CPU32 BDM port

Gunter Magin
Mon Jun 29 10:27:00 GMT 1998

> Does any one have a complied copy of GDB with the BDM patches applied that
> runs on Win32(95) or
> Cygwin32 ?

That would be only part of the necessary setup: the BDM backend of gdb
requires cooperation with a device driver which controls the parallel port.
That device driver is very specific to Linux. 

A port of the device driver to Free-BSD (or BSD43? not shure) is available.

There are attempts to port the driver to also to Win32 (I don't know, if
the person who does this is also on crossgcc: Peter?), but last I have
heard there is still no public release.

Gunter Magin                                       magin[AT]

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