Developing 68332 system with gcc and gdb.

Josef Wolf
Thu Jun 25 14:18:00 GMT 1998

> I will be very grateful if someone will answer for these questions:
> 1) What is also needed to compile my programs
> and produce coff (and srec) file for a 68332 platform?

Most important you will need some sort of crt0 which should:
- initialize the 68332 so that it can operate properly (eg. set up
- provide some sort of wrapper(s) for Exceptions
- Set up stack and memory (eg. copy data, clear bss)
- call main()
- exit gracefully ;-)

> 2) I'm going to use gdb to load  my program directly
> to a 68332 system and debug it, using bdm. Does gdb (xxgdb)
> support this operation? Has anyone a diagram of the interface
> circuit between gdb (paralell port) and bdm pins on 68332 chip?
> Has anyone patches for gdb, which allow me debug any program
> on board (through bdm)?

There is a file called gdb-4.16-bdm-patches.tgz which includes patches
for gdb-4.16 to operate via bdm. It includes schematics for a bdm
interface. BUT: It will only work if gdb is able to upload the code
via bdm. So you _need_ to have RAM properly connected to /CSBOOT if
you want to avoid kludges like having an EPROM on /CSBOOT which
set up things and jumt into RAM afterwards.

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