GCC 2.8.1 for PowerPC/EABI: interrupt handler

Yaroslav Domaratsky R35383@email.mot.com
Thu Jun 25 01:59:00 GMT 1998


Is "interrupt" pragma supported for PowerPC/EABI target in GCC 2.8.1?

It seems like I can not force the compiler to generate prologue/epilogue
code (gcc doe not generate anything):

#pagma interrupt
void myHandler( void )

GCC command line:
$ gcc -c -ansi -g -gdwarf -O0 -fno-omit-frame-pointer -mcpu=505
-mno-relocatable -meabi -o file.o file.c

If "interrupt" pragma is not supported, then is it possible to use other
GCC possibilities instead (like command line options, fnction modifiers,

Thanks in advance,

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